Telltale: Women’s Sequential Art and Illustration Show

I’m going to be in an art show! The show is being curated by Shirl Sazynski and will open in Albuquerque March 1 through the 31st. I’ve submitted prints of several of my comics pages and digital paintings, and I’ve matted and shipped four of my Marvel Cards. The prints will be for sale, the Marvel Cards are just for show. Shirl has done an amazing job getting everything together. This is the first time I’ve been invited to be part of a show like this and I’m thrilled.

Official Press Release.

The Last Unicorn Pin-Up

They used my pin-up! It’s in the book. Gordon ordered me a copy and I can’t get over how beautiful the book is. The binding, the quality of the art, the gracefulness of the adaptation — it’s wonderful. The other pin-ups are incredible. It’s such a rush to have my work included alongside such beautiful art.