Adventure Time: Queen of Rogues Snippet

My favorite part of Queen of Rogues:

“Spend the night? Out here?” Fionna gaped.

“Keep it together, girl.”

“It’ll be all right,” Gumball said. “Why, if we’re lucky, we may be able to see a school of bioluminescing eyeball stingers. Don’t worry, the name is a misnomer. They don’t sting your eyes, they lay eggs on them, and then the eggs hatch and the larva drill into your eyeballs and eat your retinas. But that would only happen if you stuck your face in the water while they pass by. Though I suppose if the wind kicks up enough spray–“

“GUMBALL!” Cake slapped her hand across the young man’s mouth. “You need to quit it with the science lessons.”

Because SCIENCE!!! Thank you, Animal Planet. Where would I be without the nightmare fuel that is “Monsters Inside Me”? :)