I fell in love with guqin music after listening to this Youtube video. After debating it for a year, I decided to purchase a guqin and learn how to play it. I’m mostly creating this page to organize all the resources I used in case anyone else is interested. If I ever get good enough, maybe I’ll be able to post a recording someday.

The Guqin

I found two main sources for student-or-above quality guqin online:

  1. Sound of Mountain
  2. Sound of Asia

I ended up purchasing a fu xi style beginner level paulownia-wood guqin. There were no problems whatsoever with the purchase. The instrument arrived well-packaged and in perfect shape. It was already strung, which was honestly a relief, as I’m not so sure how good a job I’m going to be able to do tying those butterfly knots. The strings hold their tune and the tuning pegs move relatively easily.


  1. Standards of the Guqin by Juni Yeung (in English)


  1. General Introduction of Guqin
  2. Guqin Yaji
  3. Guitar Impressions: Guqin (Qin) Introduction
  4. The Guqin “Harmonic” Markers – Hui – Their Physics and History
  5. Guqin Tunings
  6. Silk Qin – Tuning a Qin
  7. CS McGill – Guqin
  8. Making a Qin – Design Considerations
  9. Dao De Qin: A Case Study of the Guqin