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  • Transfer Clip Studio Paint User Preferences

    For other people who switch computers fairly frequently.  This saved me a ton of time on my last upgrade.  Go to Documents and copy over the CELSYS folder. It contains all your local brushes and Workspaces. Forum post.

  • Clip Studio Paint – Swap Main and Sub Colors

    I’ve been going crazy for awhile trying to figure out how to swap the main and sub colors on my toolbar. This is a feature I use frequently in Photoshop to easily reverse gradient directions. This is especially important in Clip Studio Paint as there is no easy way to swap gradient directions (you can […]

  • How My iPad Changed My Life

    Last year a good friend of the family gave me an iPad Mini (more specs) as a reward for getting a book published. I trotted around happily with this iPad, reading library e-books on it, surfing the web, all that good stuff. I’m almost embarrassed at how long it took me to realize I could […]

  • Window Seat 2

    Figured out where the masking tool was hiding. Yay, masking!

  • Window Seat – Manga Studio Brushes

    I’ve been struggling for about a week now with the inking brushes in Manga Studio. There’s so much I love about the program, especially the perspective rulers (which you can pry from my cold dead hands), but I’ve had a terrible time using the program’s out-of-the-box brushes. I could SORT OF use them, but the […]

  • SmoothDraw

    I’ve been looking for a freebie sketch/paint program to keep on my work computer. This is a little sketch I did to test out SmoothDraw.I have to say, I’m impressed! The tools are well organized and it’s easy to get started. There are some features I missed, like Rotate, and I wish it were possible […]

  • Digital Painting Tutorials

    I’m gathering up links to solid digital painting tutorials, with a focus on digital watercolor painting. Feel free to post your own favorites in the comments. Digital Image Magazine – Beginning Digital Painting With Photoshop Digital Painting for Beginners by Charis Loke – Photoshop Watercolor Painting Tutorial Watercolor Spatter Technique

  • Inking Fun

    Playing with Manga Studio EX’s inking tools.