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  • 2012 Kittens – Wrapping Things Up

    Quickie update – all the X-Men kittens have been adopted! Except for Marie. We cracked and decided to keep her. Because, like my sister says, it’s not as if anyone would want a tiny, stunty-growth cat with really big eyes and a really cute face. -_- Pics coming soon.

  • Marie – Follow Up

    Marie is doing much better! Dr. Case told us she has elevated white blood cells, but all her other tests – FIV/FELV, FIP – were normal. We have her on a 10 day run of antibiotics, and she’s perked up quite a bit. She’s more active, she eats more, and she’s putting on weight. What […]

  • Kitten Update!

    Jean and Wanda got adopted over this past weekend! Two down, eight to go! Kurt and Ororo topped 3lbs and are currently at the spay/neuter clinic. I added some new pics to the gallery, and I resorted the images so the newest pics are at the top. We’re a bit worried about Marie – she’s […]

  • Kittens Growing

    The kittens are officially too old to lock in the bathroom at night. Now we get to give them free range of the house while we lock ourselves in the bedroom. Siiiigh…

  • Incident Report

    2:42 am Adult humans reported to the scene of a jail break. Six prisoners had escaped from their cell. The escape was most likely engineered by Jumbo Size Black Kitten. Prisoners were located playing on the couch in the living room. All six prisoners were successfully detained, fed a good meal, and put back to […]

  • All the Kittens

  • A Tale of Ten Kittens

    Over the weekend, Gordon and I went to our local feedstore to pick up some chicken supplies. The cashier must have seen the giant “SUCKER” sign flashing directly above my head, because she started telling me about ten little kittens that had been abandoned at the store that morning. That’s right. Ten. Like an idiot, […]