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  • One of the best explanations of the perspective rulers in Manga Studio EX 5.0 I’ve ever watched.  I sure wish I’d had this handy when I was going crazy trying to figure out why my lines would only snap to one of my vanishing points (explanation at 0:54 :P). ElectricAlice also has a wonderful perspective…

  • Some thoughts on Tokyopop and the comic business in general

    alexdecampi: Gather round. Tokyopop are doing portfolio reviews at this year’s SDCC and as a creator who managed to complete two series with them before they went bankrupt*  previously, I have some things to say about this. Should you, young aspiring creator, go and have your portfolio reviewed by them? Should you enter a Rising Stars…

  • Sketch a Day: 9

    Sketch a Day: 9 Slug bunnies are real!!!

  • SketchUp Wizard

    Big thanks to BerylDrue, who created a SketchUp model of Orchard House. I can finally see what the back of the house looks like!

  • All four girls.  Left to right, Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo.

  • Working on layouts.

  • Saclibrary Local Author Event

    I’ll be at the Saclibrary Local Author Event tomorrow!  It’s at the main branch downtown from 1 to 3pm. I’ll have copies of my Adventure Time book, Queen of Rogues to sign and sell (it’s a Fionna and Cake story!).

  • Snow

  • Marimo moss ball

    I bought a Marimo moss ball, a teeny tiny tank, and added it to my writing nook.

  • Amy

  • Rust

  • Sketchbook Express Phone Drawing

    Testing out SketchBook Express on my phone.

  • Homemade Udon

    I love Japanese food, especially udon and ramen, but for the most part it’s a total crap shoot finding places that have vegetarian ramen/udon with veggie broth. Today I had a hankering, and I’d bought fresh udon noodles the last time I went to Japantown, so I decided it was about time I did something…

  • 50K!

    Finally hit 50K on my novel project!

  • Super Secret Mariah Project!

    Some art from a SUPER SECRET PROJECT I’m working on with Mariah Huehner.