Faerie Path Manga – Sad News

Faerie Path Vol 2

I have some sad news on The Faerie Path front. Harper Collins has decided to discontinue Book 1 and not release Book 3. Luckily, they have decided to release Book 2. It was looking like maybe they wouldn’t for awhile there, and I felt terrible for Alison, because she had completed all the art. If you want a copy, I’d advise you to order one while you still can. Maybe drop Alison a line, too, and let her know what you think. The quality of her artwork consistently blows me away.

I’m disappointed, but I can’t say I regret the experience. The editors I worked with, both at Harper Collins and Tokyopop, were amazing, and I learned a lot from them. Plus, all the checks cleared, and that’s the most important thing of all! :D