Homemade Udon

I love Japanese food, especially udon and ramen, but for the most part it’s a total crap shoot finding places that have vegetarian ramen/udon with veggie broth. Today I had a hankering, and I’d bought fresh udon noodles the last time I went to Japantown, so I decided it was about time I did something with them.


I browned onions and garlic in some olive oil, then added some Dijon mustard and a little wasabi, soy sauce, and horseradish. Dumped in about five cups of water, grated in some sweet potato, ginger, and turnip (note: you can NEVER go wrong adding turnip to veggie soup broths), and a few chopped brussel sprouts. Tossed in some chopped Crimini mushrooms, let it simmer for awhile, then dumped in some sliced carrots and a big squirt of Sriracha sauce (mmmm – spicy!!!). Dash of malt vinegar, crushed red pepper, some nori, then yay! Time to hard boil the eggs and cook the udon. When the udon was just about done I tossed some frozen pees and chopped swiss chard into the stock.

End result = not exactly authentic, but YUMMY and 100% vegetarian.