Kitten Update!

Jean and Wanda got adopted over this past weekend! Two down, eight to go! Kurt and Ororo topped 3lbs and are currently at the spay/neuter clinic. I added some new pics to the gallery, and I resorted the images so the newest pics are at the top. We’re a bit worried about Marie – she’s still very tiny, only 2.5lbs, while the other kittens are at least 3.5 to 4 lbs. We took her to the vet yesterday. Physically she checks out so far: no heart murmur, lungs sound good, she eats, etc. Our vet’s running a full blood panel on her (the results should be in sometime today). Hopefully there’s nothing wrong with her and she’s just a slow-growing kitten! Our vet said it’s possible she just has a very high metabolism. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. She’s a sweet little bug – it’s pretty much impossible not to love her – she’s very cranky, like a little old lady cat in a kitten’s body – but when she wants attention she’s completely purry and adorable.

(see how cute?!)