Sketch a Day: 10

A panel from one of two comics projects I’m currently working on.
Lola and Dana

2 responses to “Sketch a Day: 10”

    • Hey, no problem. :) This one is just real-world blue pencil (I use this kind of lead – – it erases clean!).

      The two digital sketching programs I’ve found myself using the most are Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Corel Painter Sketch Pad. I personally find the interface in Sketch Pad easier to use, and the pencil tool in there mimics a real-world pencil very closely, but they are both good programs. I’d say just download trial versions and see which one you like more.

      Sadly, I’ve never been very good at using Photoshop as a sketching tool. I can paint in it okay, but it never feels like a comfortable sketching environment for me. I think I may have to learn how to make more custom brushes, though.

      Let me know if you have any other questions — I don’t mind answering them. :)