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  • 2012 Kittens – Wrapping Things Up

    Quickie update – all the X-Men kittens have been adopted! Except for Marie. We cracked and decided to keep her. Because, like my sister says, it’s not as if anyone would want a tiny, stunty-growth cat with really big eyes and a really cute face. -_- Pics coming soon.

  • Marie – Follow Up

    Marie is doing much better! Dr. Case told us she has elevated white blood cells, but all her other tests – FIV/FELV, FIP – were normal. We have her on a 10 day run of antibiotics, and she’s perked up quite a bit. She’s more active, she eats more, and she’s putting on weight. What […]

  • Kitten Update!

    Jean and Wanda got adopted over this past weekend! Two down, eight to go! Kurt and Ororo topped 3lbs and are currently at the spay/neuter clinic. I added some new pics to the gallery, and I resorted the images so the newest pics are at the top. We’re a bit worried about Marie – she’s […]

  • All the Kittens