Sketch a Day: 2

My cat Ash, a little 30 second doodle to test out Sketch Pad.

Final verdict: I prefer Corel Painter Sketch Pad to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I think Sketch Pad has a more user friendly interface, and its pencil tool mimics a real pencil better, while also being easier to make adjustments to, than the pencil tool in Sketchbook Pro. If you sat me down and told me I only had enough money for one of the programs, I’d choose Sketch Pad, hands down.


I’ve been tapped at my day job to contribute some illustrations to a book we’re producing about rabbit care. I’ve been doodling, getting loosened up. This is some of what I sketched today. FatBunny is my favorite. ;)


Fat Bunny

Sleepy Bunny

Sleepy Bunny

Thinking Bunny

Thinky Bunny