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  • Womanthology Space Issue #3

    Womathology: Space #3, containing the story “The Vesta”, which was written by the super-talented Jennifer De Guzman and illustrated by me, is going to be released tomorrow!  Just in time for the holidays and everything! Spread the word! It sounds like it’s going to be an all around amazing issue.  Check out some of The […]

  • Womanthology Pages – Delivered!

    The artwork for “The Vesta” is finished! After making a few last minute tweaks, I uploaded the final pages to the IDW server last night. Right now I’m in a state of shock. I can…leave the house this weekend! I can go outside! I don’t have to stay up until 2am painting! What a concept. […]

  • Sketch of the Day: 30

  • What’s Up, Pussycat?

    Okay, here’s the deal: my SDCC 2012 con report is super late because I picked up a really nasty bug while bopping around the convention center. This bug left me sacked out on the couch for two weeks watching Buffy, Frontline, Nova, and MTV’s Teen Wolf (as the mood took me) while my body did […]

  • Good News, Everyone!

    I’m going to be in the forthcoming Ship issue of Womanthology: Space, which will be published by IDW. Womanthology is a collection of stories produced by all women writers and artists – more info here at the original Kickstarter. I’ll be providing the art for a story written by Jennifer de Guzman. Here’s a rough […]