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  • My Favorite Author Tweets

    Examples of Tweets written by authors to promote their work. Sourced by Angela De Vito.

  • Looking forward to reading this!

  • Adventure Time Marceline Novel Update

    Epic Tales from Adventure Time: the Lonesome Outlaw, my adventure time novel about Marceline and her adventures with her foster-sister Bonnibel, is available for pre-order!

  • In the Bag!

    First draft of the script for Prodigy, the sequel to the Legend Graphic Novel, is done! Emailing it off to my editor right now!

  • Sacramento Library Local Author Festival

    Sacramento Library Local Author Festival

    I’m going to be a guest at the Sacramento Public Library’s Local Author Festival on Sunday, April 12th! I’ll be there with copies of my Adventure Time novel Queen of Rogues to sell and sign!

  • Adventure Time Books @ My Local Library

    Logged into my library ebook app and saw that our books had been added! Pretty exciting. :)

  • Adventure Time: Queen of Rogues – Available for Pre-Order!

    This is my book!!!

  • Legend Graphic Novel Project

    Here’s what I’m currently working on! I’m scripting a graphic novel adaptation of Marie Lu’s dystopian YA novel Legend.

  • Crimson Pact, Vol. 4

    The fourth volume of Paul Genesse’s Crimson Pact anthology series, featuring my short story “Return to Sender”, has hit the shelves. “Return to Sender” caps off my friend Gloria Weber’s inter-connected shorts, “Crimson Mail” and “No Mail”, which were published in the first two Crimson Pact anthologies. When a scheduling conflict prevented her from completing […]

  • The Crimson Pact – Volume 4

    As mentioned in my friend Sarah Kanning’s excellent post, my short story Return to Sender is going to be in the forthcoming Volume 4 of Paul Genesse’s The Crimson Pact anthology series. Return to Sender is a sequel to two flash stories, Crimson Mail and No Mail, written by Gloria Weber. Bunches of thanks to […]

  • ‘Wherein I Am 12’, or ‘Self-Marketing Is Hard’

    If you can’t wow with your wit, you may as well go for the cheap laugh. Here’s the Kindle edition on Amazon

  • Fraggle Rock Signing @ Wondercon!

    I’ll be attending a signing for the Fraggle Rock Vol. 1 hardcover at the Archaia booth on Saturday, April 2, alongside fellow Fraggle author Sam Humphries. The signing is between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. I’m really excited, so if you’re a Fraggle Rock fan and you’re planning on attending, be sure to come on by with […]

  • Vampire Academy GN – Pre-Order!

    The first volume of the Vampire Academy graphic novel is available for pre-order on Amazon. I wrote the script adaptation and Emma Vieceli was selected as the book’s artist. I can’t wait to see her interpretation of all the characters! I was a bit hesitant when I first heard about the project (vampires? In a […]

  • Off to Kansas

    I’m packed and ready to leave, at a truly ungodly hour tomorrow morning, for two weeks of fun at the writer’s workshop in Kansas. Wish me luck! :)

  • Comic Book Resources Interview

    CBR has posted an interview with me and Jake Myler! The interview was conducted over the phone and I was INCREDIBLY nervous, for no good reason of course, since the interviewer, Steve, was perfectly nice and easy to talk to. I dunno, hopefully I didn’t ramble too much! It was great to be able to […]